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Potassium Phosphite
Potassium Phosphite
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Potassium Phosphite - 3105100090

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Product Information

Potassium Phosphite a liquid fungicide containing fast-acting, highly mobile phosphite (PO3) molecules, which move systemically via the phloem and xylem to the leaves and roots, rather than the usual phosphate (PO4).
Its effect is to increase the rate of energy transfer within the plant, resulting in increased root and shoot initiation and development.

  • Disrupts the phosphorus metabolism in the pathogen, inhibiting its growth and causing it to release stress molecules with the consequent activation of the hosts defence responses.
  • Stimulates and supports natural tree defence mechanisms encouraging the nucleus of the trees cells to produce defensive molecules.
    1. Photoalexin is produced which attacks the disease directly, phosphite also helps maximise this by providing ideal nutrition.
    2. Encourages the production of polysaccharides which strengthen the cell walls, giving additional protection.
    3. Causes the cells also to send "alarm signals" to cells that have not yet been attacked.
  • Relieves ‘hidden phosphorus hunger’ during fast growth stages.
  • Stimulates healthy growth during conditions which may be favourable to the development of some root rots and leaf mildew.
  • Complements the action and mobility of other nutrients such as manganese and iron.
  • Acts as a vehicle for the absorption of calcium by the roots, the improved movement of this normally ‘immobile’ nutrient around the tree is thought to play a key role in tissue strengthening. Calcium is needed to make calcium pectate, the cement-like substance which holds plant cells together.
  • Non persistent in the environment, as readily oxidised to phosphate by soil microbes, and also has very low mammalian toxicity.
This product is supplied with 30% active ingredient

Prior to use it should be diluted with 5 parts Water to 1 part Phosphite.



        Number of Trees Treated *

Syringe fills
 Dia 30cm
 Dia 60cm
 Dia 90cm
200 ml 60   10 6 4
400 ml 120   20 12 8
1000 ml 300   50 30 20
  * Assuming injection points 20cm apart

A quick way to calculate the approximate diameter of a tree is to pass a tape measure around the tree and then divide the resulting figure by 3.

FOLIAR SPRAY - I suggest 10g per litre of active ingredient (1%) which is 1: 29 litres of water.

Product Safety Sheet - download PDF

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