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Tree Injector
Starter Kit
Starter Kit
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Starter Kit - 3926909790

Our Price: £55.00
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Weight: 1 kg
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Product Information

  •  2 Steel drill bits 4.5mm (11/64”).
  •  2 Chemjet 20ml Injectors
  •  200ml Potassium Phosphite (makes 1300ml injectable fluid)
  •  Mixing container
  •  Safety Gloves
  •  Safety Spectacles
If you intend injecting a large number of trees then to minimise your time we would recommend you may wish to purchase sufficient injectors to do a tree at a time.

The number of Injectors needed to inject a tree of a specific diameter in one go (at 8" spacing) is
1ft  -  5 injectors
2ft  - 10 injectors
3ft  - 14 injectors
4ft  - 19 injectors  
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