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Avocado farmer boosts his crop yields

Tree injector in controlling Phytophera Avocado Plantation owners the Gorissen's, based on Bribie Island  Australia, developed  in 1986 a simple but effective method - the Chemjet® Tree Injector - as a means to counteract diseases that were threatening their crop.

The Gorissen's found that `injection' with Potassium Phosphite  was the only effective method of treating the devastating Phytophthora disease in their trees causing root rot, trunk cancers and fruit rot.

Realising that the injector could be of enormous benefit to growers around the world, the Gorissen's researched their method to develop and patent the Chemjet® Tree Injector.

Today the device is used in many countries, and is readily accepted as one of the most effective and environmentally sustainable methods for control of Phytophthora diseases and Insect pests.

We are now supplying these injectors to Europe and the Middle East by mail order from the UK .